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My new timeline needs some art. Can anyone recommend artists that I should follow in the Fediverse?

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NIST still offers a dial-up service that will give you the current time.

When the first versions of Spotify’s algorithmic Discover Weekly playlist were generated for users, it included artists users had already heard. Thinking this was a bug they updated the algorithm for later weeks to exclude artists the user had played, feedback on the playlists then plummeted. People enjoyed a little sprinkling of the familiar rather than all new content.

This was my favorite piece of reading from the last week:

> 9 Ways to Win a Hackathon... Without Coming in First Place

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It's waaaay easier with GPS-enabled iPhones than it was with binders of print outs and a GPS unit 😂 This actually isn't a bad thing as there's so many more these days.

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Speaking of things that I'm rediscovering, a friend reintroduced me to so that's been a great excuse to get outside.

👋 Heya, new instance, same Chip. I've been off in startup land for a couple years but coming back to the Fediverse. I'm a software engineer and PM that builds products people actually use, not ones designed for maximum engagement.

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