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want to see me run to that mountain and back? want to see me do it again?

@vt52 Good point. Maybe a little nozzle that'd fit on the edge of a USB-C/Lightning port and forced air down one edge could work really well.

Controversial toot. Lightning connectors are better than USB-C on mobile devices for one simple fact: it's trivial to clean pocket lint out of my iPhone's lightning connector without breaking a precarious middle blade.

@ChadF @mitch Ledger and Trezor are other hardware wallets that function similarly. All three (the ColdCard as well) generate the private key on the device rather than using the computer so it's much less likely to be leaked.

You back up your seed phrase on a couple pieces of paper and keep them safe. That way if you send your device through the washing machine you can restore to a new device.

Never trust a private key that was generated on a web page.

I'm thinking of starting an "Infrastructure as Code" focused collective a la the types listed at A group that hosts some useful services all using Terraform and Kubernetes manifests. Picture a single public git repo that describes how all the infrastructure is deployed/configured automatically managed with tools like Flux/Argo. I already run a few services for myself this way but feels like it could be a fun collaborative project. 🤔

@thegibson Imagine if Facebook or Twitter just flicked off service to Texas for 6 hours. “We’re sorry, legal says you aren’t responsible enough to use our services.”

“Astronomers announced today that they had pierced the veil of darkness and dust at the center of our Milky Way galaxy to capture the first picture of “the gentle giant” dwelling there: A supermassive black hole, a trapdoor in space-time through which the equivalent of 4 million suns have been dispatched to eternity, leaving behind only their gravity and a violently bent space-time.” A photo of Sagittarius A* 😮

“Thompson's Bank Note Reporter was a periodical published in New York City by John Thompson beginning in 1842. As a bank note reporter, its main purpose was to convey information about the notes issued by each of the hundreds of different banks operating in North America at the time, including the discounts at which their notes traded, and descriptions of counterfeits currently in circulation.“ Just an interesting thing that used to exist.

In the final stages of my garage clean up and reorg. Got my two 3D printers up and running again and they’re spitting out peg board parts. It’s so cool you can just go on the internet, download a part that someone on the other side of the world designed, and in a couple hours turn a spool of plastic into perfectly useful bins, hooks, holders, etc.

Hour 265 our HQ's primary ISP failure. They haven't updated their status page in 87 hours... that's either a bad sign, or a _very_ bad sign. The outage affects almost every one of their customers. Maybe I wish we were included in the Atlassian outage instead.

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Hearing about people booking a bunch of Ukrainian AirBnBs to try and help. Seems like we need the tech equivalent. Anyone know of any good Ukrainian Dedicated/VPS/web hosts? I’d love to rent a bunch of compute, my clusters are always hungry. Only looking for ones that actually run In Ukrainian datacenters. Boosts appreciated.

@cisene Actually working on something similar now. I made a proof of concept script in mid 2021 that just archives every episode of a podcast's feed and monitors for new episodes - have 6TB+ of data so far from about 500 feeds. We're working on "productionizing" it now but should be ready to start ingesting lots of feeds soon. Ultimate goal to archive them ourselves and share with

@aral Not that a CO alarm going off should be dismissed but I think most do have a maximum working life. Some will start beeping once they reach that internal timer value and sound like they're going off. I had a similar thing happen with two inexpensive Kidde detectors.

From their features section:
> End of Life Alarm - Alerts user to replace CO alarm after 10-years of operation.

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re: Minecraft 

@purple @drwho Great point on the repurposed netbook! Then you get some built-in battery backup and there's likely some cheap second-hand.


@drwho The server should be pretty light. I think I've run Bedrock server for a total of 3 weeks but looking around it sounds like the same recommendations as the Java days when I had a few: Faster the single core processor speed the better, 1G of RAM base then 256MB per player. If you perceive chunks' loading time while moving, scale up. You could essentially run it on a toaster as long as it's 64-bit.

Let's see if we can ensure that it can reach the 3 year anniversary!

I'll match each donation to made in the next five days until we reach a total of €4,000. I think that should mean that stux can cover the server costs for another year.

@stux can you share the links where people can donate?

Folks, post or DM me screenshots or links to your contributions and I'll match it in Ether. If you sign up for a monthly contribution somewhere, I'll match it for the year.

@stux what’s the most efficient way to help - as in gets you the most with the least headache/fees? Thinking of

The latest serverless hype train: using Imgur as your frontend host.

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