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👋 Heya, new instance, same Chip. I've been off in startup land for a couple years but coming back to the Fediverse. I'm a software engineer and PM that builds products people actually use, not ones designed for maximum engagement.

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The latest serverless hype train: using Imgur as your frontend host.

"Imagine a mouse crawled inside your mouth and started using your body as a mouse factory" Thanks for that colorful virus analogy Kurzgesagt

I was fiddling with open source project this weekend using vanilla javascript + React for its frontend. Having been in TypeScript for the last few years it felt like crazy mental gymnastics to keep track of prop signatures and callback types.

Is this why everyone hated JS all along and us JS users were just experiencing stockholm syndrome?

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If you were to pick up one skill or habit from your group and apply it to every other group in your org what would it be?

I was in a group a while ago that has a fantastic habit of setting up monitoring early on in a project and tuning alerts so they're just right.

Observable has made some huge improvements to their editor since the last time I've used it. It's genuinely enjoyable to use now and they've made the Plot API a lot easier to use.

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Found out some close friends are pregnant 🎉 How long until the ad exchanges think _we're_ pregnant as we start shopping/researching?

What if this CEI scanning is just to distract us from the app store legislation being introduced? Either to keep people from noticing it or to deflect scrutiny from legislators by doing something LE-friendly.

Chip boosted DefCon meetup tonight at 8PM in Bally’s bar area.

Yes, it’s going to be a cigar party… but you don’t have to have one.

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Is it recommended to use #nix on my #arch #linux install before jumping into #nixos ?

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"The penalty for [having] too little is greater than the penalty for [having] too much"

How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google manipulate our emotions | Scott Galloway

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Me: I can't afford sponsoring open-source projects.
Also me:

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